I just need someone to talk to :'(

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Hi Jimmy 😄I'm happy you are posting and hoping to try new things🙃Like the army. Life can change in a minute and sometimes we forget that or only associate this changes with bad things like losing your health or your money being homeless you name it but if it can change for bad it can also change completely for 😊 good.

Keep hanging on post often and where ever you want. Try to think 💭 life is good 😊 and one day it may be. (That is what I'm doing ha ha quite mental)😊
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I continue to thank you for your support guys. I've been keeping company watching army videos and how it goes for new recruits. And just to top the cherry on Brenda's cake, I'm sober tonight again.
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I'd really appreciate if you moved on too James.

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And just to top the cherry on Brenda's cake, I'm sober tonight again.

Glad to see your humour is still intact!
Keep on doing what you are doing, Jimmy.
It looks good on you.
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Sorry Dee. I won't encourage him
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I'm glad you are sober tonight Jimmy and I'm glad you are here for support. As Dee has already mentioned though, please keep personal arguments out of he public forums. This isn't a contest of some sort or an exercise in one-upsmanship so let's all be cognizant of that when posting.
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Sober is better Jimmy,

Could there be an opportunity to get MEDICAL KETAMINE treatments?

There are increasingly many WOW reports of it immediately stopping suicidal thoughts!

Do you have other options, or treatment history?

Say did you get a pneumonia vaccine for the pulmonary infection?

. . .
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voices ca**y
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Glad to see you posting and looking into making some plans.
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Originally Posted by jimmyc View Post
Decided to apply for the Army. There's no "normal" life for me any more. I need the forces.
heck yeah! Good news man. Structure, discipline, a purpose....all great things for anyone. Keep in mind, the military can be a training ground for binge drinking. Go in with your eyes wide open jimmy.
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Do it Son.. get tight get right and find a core of values that will hold you tight.. and get the training to go further in your life.. My Son the Moose went in at 37.... the oldest at Fort Lost in the Wood MO.... and now is a Chaplin Assistant at Fort Carson.. he walks in the steps of so many of my family that walked that Post....
you can do this .. connect to a positive group of guys.. stay away from the noise makers and ones that will get thrown out..

Oh hey I am a Blue Star Mom... a Marines Oldest child and a Good Chick Gone Bad.. kiddo when you end up in a boot camp and then AIT and then Home Fort pm me your APO.. and I will send goodies and letters and stuff of a Blue Star to a new Kid so far away...
Prayers.. and go Army Strong..... Stand Tall Hold the High Ground and be part of something so much bigger then the force of 1..... love a Mom
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I was given antibiotics for something I believe to be nothing more than the cold going around. I got one just before I went on holiday last year and it ended up with acute bronchitis and hypoxia, and this is exactly the same - I assume it's viral so doubting antibiotics will help but I'll take them as instructed.

Just checking in really. Another day of nothingness. I've been playing the piano for about 5 hours today. Not sure if I was trying to make something of practice, or just drag myself back to the school days where piano was everything. Spent most of the evening watching combat videos on youtube. I haven't eaten for days, no energy to do anything. If I can't be gone in reality, maybe I can be gone in person. Probably time for me to commit emotional suicide.
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I would love to hear you play.
Piano is my favorite instrument. We were an impoverished family, so lessons were unattainable.
Music has this amazing ability to transcend barriers.
Go back to that happy place, Jimmy. It is a good place to rest.
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What happy place might that be? I have happy "moments" playing piano (if you can really call it happy rather than a distraction). I enjoy ragtime, particularly good at scott joplin tracks, and have been listening to boogie.... Going to learn that I think. I'd love to be able to shred a piano to some proper boogie.
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The happy place music stirs inside of you, silly.
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