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Hi All,

Just a quick note to say a huge thank-you to everybody who gave me advice and help when I posted a few times about panic attacks, depression, anxiety etc stemming from drinking.

I'd previously drank for about ten years drank 5 -6 times a week. Usually 5 UK pints or more a night. On a weekend 15 + Friday and 15+ Saturday. Worked abroad as a travel rep drunk most nights and did 4 years in uni partying away. Tbh I thought I was pretty normal. Pub after work and getting smashed on the weekend. Everyone does it! Or not....

Anyways I don't drink any more during the week. probably have a few bottles on a Friday if any and go out with friends on a Saturday were i do have a few drinks (odd occasion to go over board, not going to lie).

Although i still have the spaced out feeling (departmentalization I think it's called) it's not as bad as it was and i'm planning on doing a 3 month stint not drinking after Christmas this year to see if it will shift it.

Anyway.... Anxiety gone, panic attacks gone, depression gone, tiredness gone.

I started doing things in the week (Play football 3-4 times a week) which really helped and I moved back home to my city were I grew up.

Good luck everyone.

Thought i'd check in as you don't often see posts were people have come back after acting on the advice given.
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