Rough Day

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Rough Day

Today I almost stopped at a liquor store, I had money in my pocket and thank god I was strong enough to keep myself from stopping. I had work and almost went in intoxicated. But I talked myself out of it, got something to eat and went to work sober. Now this is just another day I made it sober. I Start Out patient rehab tomorrow. I will continue my meetings and stay busy with work and reading my AA material.
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I'm glad you stayed true Rilla

good luck with IOP
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Righteous work, even if it is rough. Well done bud.
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Sounds like you gat a good plan Rilla. Having something to eat was a good move. Being hungry can still put me off my game even today. Well done on hanging in.
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Do your best
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Stay strong and and never give in. Never.
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Good job! If you work the steps as they are laid out in the big book it will not always be this hard...the temptation and having no way to deal with your emotions, I mean. At 16 months sober, I do not willingly place myself in tricky situations, but when I am in one I respond sane and normally. I recently went to a concert and stood in a beer line for 10 minutes to get a bottle of water. Not once was I tempted to sneak a drink.
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Good job!! And good luck with your good plan.

I'm in the problem-has-been-removed category (going on 8mo here) and work daily on my spiritual fitness to stay that way.

You can do it.
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