1 year.

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1 year.

So I made it 1 year, and going strong.

Everything is going fine. It just feels like I'll be single forever. That's really the last hurdle.. either having some success, or accepting the situation and not feeling bad about it.

I guess I shouldn't complain about that when everything else is ok.
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Congrats on a year! That's a big deal. As for being single, I'm right there with you but keeping my expectations in check. Besides, being in a hurry never worked out so well when it came to that.

Keep up the good work!
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One year is a great accomplishment.

As for being single, I was unmarried, a confirmed bachelor, until I met my wife. Got married when I was 53. And guess what? I couldn't have done it any sooner, as I wasn't the best person I could be when I was younger.

So, become the best person you can be, like yourself first, and then perhaps the right person will be attracted.
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Congrats on one year Roy....that's a pretty big accomplishment. The first year is always tough as there are always the "first" for everything sober...first sober holiday, first sober birthday, etc. The second time around gets easier!

Regarding your success vs acceptance suggestion, it doesn't always have to be black and white. I think that's part of our addictive tendency...we tend to think it has to always be one way or the other. I do the same with my anxiety sometimes...I look for ways to make it completely dissapear, which is not realistic.

There can always be middle can have some success and some acceptance at the same time. Regarding relationships, it will happen when it's ready to happen - and like Carl says, some people don't find that person until much later in life - and that's not any indication of "failure vs. success" just means they didn't find the right person until later.
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Congratulations, RoyGBiv!
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This is wonderful!!!
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Congrats! One year is HUGE
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Congrats on one year sober!
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Do your best
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Outstanding Roy
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1 Year is fantastic Roy!!
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That is awesome! It doesn't get any cooler than your 1 year.
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Roy, we're so proud of you. A year is huge.
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Congratulations on your anniversary, Roy!
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1 year is AWESOME. Congrats man!!
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