Advice please

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Advice please

Is it advertised to give up tobacco alcohol at the same time? I really am tired of being addicted to anything. It seems silly to give up one and not the other. I am on day 1 and my anxiety is through the roof. I don't have money for doctors and medication.
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On the one hand, all the nicotene may make anxiety worse seems logical to me. But then, maybe the "One thing at a time" approach is best. I have known plenty of recovering drinkers who really depended on their cigs and coffee to stay sober.

Though your body will definitely thank you for quitting cigs, just do what you can.
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i quit smoking 6 months later after i got sober. no way I could have done both. But many do.

The good news is while i had quit smoking a number of times in the past it never stuck. it was not untill i quit booze that i was able to quit smokes for a long stretch anyhow 4.5 years.
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I'm 38 days sober, but I'm still smoking. I kind of took the, "You have to want sobriety more than you want a drink," advice and applied it to cigarettes. I don't think I would be successful right now because I don't want to quit badly enough, and I really don't want a failure to be a setback in my alcohol recovery. I guess I'd just look at how badly you want it.
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I agree with everyone. If you think you're up for it, give it try. But for me, quitting drinking was had to my first priority. Wishing you patience and strength on your new journey today.
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I applaud you to try to give up both! I know it can be done and wish I had done this!
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Hi and welcome Cody

I gave up both because I smoked when I drank

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