kambucha tea trigger

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kambucha tea trigger

anyone else have probellms with kambucha tea being a trigger? a few weeks ago I got one and it almost tasted like a zima without the booze. the whole time i sat there thinking does htis have booze and i dunno it? and then thinkgin sure wish this had booze. etc.. It became a big trigger for me after a few sips and i could not finish it asn i got incredibly anxious about the whole ordeal.

anyone else have this problem with it? i've since learned its fermented and could have small traces of alcohol ::facepalm::

anyhow no kambucha for me!
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I've never had it but it's been discussed here before and some of it can be very alcoholic I believe. I put it in the category of NA beer/wine...something I don't need in my life at this point ;-) Glad you were able to get through it OK.
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You have to be very careful about the alcohol in kombucha if you brew your own or get it at a farmer's market, but not as much if you purchase it at a store.

Most store kombucha has less than 0.5% alcohol, which you'd find a similar amount like in fresh orange juice. I always check to be absolutely sure. Yes, it is fermented. So is sauerkraut (which I also love).

I always come back to motivation behind using the product. If you're drinking it to get a buzz, which would be hard to do, it is probably an issue. However, if you're drinking it for health benefits and because you feel better on it (which is true for me), I don't think it is an issue. Still it's something to be mindful of.

If it triggers cravings, or you associate it with zima minus the alcohol, it may be best to avoid it.
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I drink the store GTS brand sometimes and it doesn't bother me at all,
but if it affects you negatively in any way, I'd avoid it entirely--
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wow thanks yeah i didnt know all this. i really had bad issues with it. got panicy and scared etc... does htis have booze does it not i dunno this tastes like some kinda NA drink etc... was a big trigger.
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I drink a few ounces of ginger Kambucha every day and I have no issues.
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I can remember someone else having this problem, zjw.

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