First day back in the forum...

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First day back in the forum...

Hey everyone. I haven't been in this forum in a while. I went back off the wagon. Once again, I thought a social drink wouldn't hurt. Then it led to more frequent drinking. Which led to drinking and not handling my responsibilities and committments. Then Friday night my friends and I went to a family-friend Fourth of July event. We were all drinking. Yet, I, of course, took it too far. Let's just say there were delusions and my imagination created events that did not happen, crying (for no known reason), acting like a fool, and embarrassing my friends. When I woke up yesterday morning, I unfortunately remembered a great deal of my foolishness and cried from embarrassment. It has also striked up many health issues for me. So yesterday morning, I decided it was time for a change. For a new and better me. I can't erase the mistakes I've made when drinking, and will unfortunately have to find a way to deal with the shame that I feel from the things I have done. But it's not too late to try and do the right thing. So here is to my second day sober, and with determination and will power, many more to come!
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Glad you're back, giving it another go.
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Welcome back ovrslov, and congrats on making a bold and good decision to change. I hope SR can be helpful in building a recovery plan for you.
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Welcome back. You're just in time to finish out the summer sober!
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Thank you all so much. I'm glad to be back! And very excited about finishing out my summer sober. It won't be easy, but worth it! Glad to have a place to go where people understand and are fighting the same battles.
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Welcome back, Ovrslov.
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So what is that will change? Or what have you learned?
Im just curious to know ;-)
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Do your best
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Welcome back bud
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welcome back.
have you given thought to what you will do next time the idea hits that a dink won't hurt? when you get quite convinced that this will be so?
good to figure out and follow a plan for avoiding getting to that crazy place again.
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One thing that was helpful about rehab is that we all had had that experience of shame and self loathing. You are not alone. Get sober first and focus on today, then tomorrow ... The stuff that happened will be dealt with but wait until you are at a point where you can be proud to know it won't happen again.
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