Long term effects

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Long term effects

After I got sober I found out a lot about myself. One of which is I suffer from depression/anxiety. I've come to grips with it and often do not feel the overwhelming effects. The length of time I feel down and out are usually shorter but some times carry on for extended amounts of time. I've done research on long term effects of drinking/using and the results are different, often times, depending of which study you read. Does anyone out here have more knowledge or experience on this topic. I'm curious because it's almost been two years sober and I'm still, in some ways, trying to get it together. In no way am I saying my life is unmanageable but I'm a little worried I've screwed myself up. I started drinking/using at 14 years old and quit when I was 34. I'm now 36. I was on meds but quit taking them because I had no emotions what so ever and that's just not acceptable to me personally. And yes I tried all different types and combinations. Any input would be appreciated
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I also suffer from anxiety/depression. Don't really know if it's the long term alcohol use but I was diagnosed with anxiety at age 3. Don't think the alcohol helped though!
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The long term effects of drinking, for me, the biggest one was hopelessness. I was in the pit of despair all the time. I could see no light, no way out.

It wasn't until I'd been sober two or three months that I started feeling like there was hope, after all. And my antidepressant now works as it should, which helps a lot.
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I have anxiety and ptsd. Drinking can relieve the symptoms temporarily but ultimately makes them much worse. Medication does not work for me either and I've tried everything.

A hollistic approach is the only way. And when adhered to, it works 90% of the time. It's that 10% that gets dicey. If its anxiety I have to tough it out, not drink. If it's ptsd, it's usually hospital time.
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I've been curious about holistic medicine. Any tips as to which kind?
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