Almost 6 months , feeling veeeery sorry

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Almost 6 months , feeling veeeery sorry

Well gotta share, have almost 6 months now : trying to work the steps on a busy schedule.
Today is the anniversary of my dad passing, and in a few days my mum- long medical histories surrounding that- so I'm a bit emotional . Then tonight im taken into hospital with suspected kidney stones: on my own as my wife has to stay home to look after kids; we no other family around and too late to call friends.
Just lonely and putting it out there as I lay forlorn on my temporary hospital bed.Won't drink on this I hope . That's why I'm sharing I think.
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Oh, you poor thing. Kidney stones are no joke. And on your sad anniversaries...I'm so sorry.

Sending you and the chimp a hug.
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I'm sorry you're alone and hurting. Glad you reached out.

My husband died almost 5 years ago. I learned last year that it helped me to do a little dedication to him (the funeral was just, well, a funeral) that was special to just he and I. I know for me, me drinking would be complete dishonor to his memory. It just won't help.

Hang in there.
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thats crap hang in there. I want to say it'll pass but that doesnt sound right but its true the kidney stone will pass things will move forward. anniversaries of deaths of loved ones can be tough but it is nice to remember the person and the good times.

Tommorrow is a new day.
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