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Originally Posted by Delizadee View Post
Well I finally broke free of the overwhelming, debilitating constant anxiety from the drinking. One drink yesterday. I think I can confidently call today day 1.
Good luck on day 1....have you made any plans for what you might do differently today to make sure it's a completely alcohol free day?
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Thanks Scott I'm working today and am going to fill my evening up with housework and catch up on computer work.
I am forcing myself to think of the two recent scares I had. One involved almost rolling my vehicle on a back road. The other involved throwing up blood. My biggest struggle is around the eating disorder right now. I need to work on getting my specialists set up for my scope and therapy appointments. Right now I'm going to make sure I've got a lot of non a beverages to drink and going to stick to probably a liquid diet until my throat issues settle down and I can see a Dr. I need to focus on getting proper nutrition and not throwing up and work on cutting out smoking.
I had some pretty intense abdominal pains yesterday and almost went to minor emergency with the blood. Today the stomach pains are gone as well as the anxiety. So not drinking save the one drink I sipped on yesterday and getting a good night's rest helped a lot.
Sticking to a regular bed time routine and just focusing on self care when I'm not doing my work.
Unsurprisingly I've found a new fixation. A young man at work and I have been carrying on
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Sounds like some good plans on the health side of things, I think seeing a doctor is definitely a priority sooner rather than later, throwing up blood is not something to mess around with.

What I don't see in your list is any sort of "sobriety specific" plans on how to actually deal with your addiction. Things like "go to an AA meeting" or "see an addictions counselor" or "spend time reading and posting on SR" or "read some AVRT materials" would fit into that category. Perhaps you could consider carving out some time of each day to specifically work on those things?

And regarding your last comment - everyone is different of course but it's not usually recommended to start up new relationships early in sobriety. We generally need to take care of ourselves first before having the time/energy to commit to a relationship.
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ok, so you've broke free. Now eyes forward and dont' look back. We all know you can do this. Yes, it takes effort, but it can be done. And you will be so happy, just be patient.
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