What age did you start drinking?

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Was about 14. My mother bought me a 4 pack of cider. The rest is history. She may awell put a bullet to my head. Still she was brought up in a alcoholic family, she hadn't the mental capacity to know any better. How my grandma and mom are still breathing is beyond me. Dad took us from her, unfortunately the damage was done.
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I can actually remember the exact date and almost exact time of my first drink--April 3, 1999 at around 6:30 pm in a cheap motel room in Arlington, Texas. I was 24 years old and had always avoided drinking before because of my family's history of alcoholism. I was drinking alcoholically within six months, and probably much sooner, of that first drink.
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In my early 30's...made it all that time without any real interest other than the occasional "if you want me to" taste of something. How I wish I weren't interested any more!!
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My Dad used to give sips of his beer when I was very young, but I didn't get drunk for the first time until I was 14. I didn't really stop until I was 43.
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Few sips early on with first drunk on my 16th Birthday. Nothing was ever the same after that.
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What age did you start drinking?

Started drinking heavily at around the age of 15
and it wasn't pretty.
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Originally Posted by sleepie View Post
Any other "late bloomers" I wonder... I started late and went long and hard. Pretty much hit the ground running too- there was no real build up as far as tolerance or amount.
I didn't start drinking regularly until in my 20's. I had never had an entire drink until I was 21.
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I was a pot smoker from teens but I didn't actually drink until I was 25.

I was scared I'd be an crazy was that...right? LOL
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I drank here and there from 13 to 18 but was mostly a drug user at that time. Booze was tougher to get.

At 18 I was in college and my drinking escalated at that time.

Im 38 now.
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