Stomach / G.I. issues - Feedback

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Cool Stomach / G.I. issues - Feedback

Hi All

I just wanted to get some feedback from people who have had stomach /G.I issues while drinking and after quitting drinking.

I am 34 years old and have been drinking since I was 20, more frequently between 25-34. I have gone to the doctor, about 6 months ago and they ran blood work, everything was ok.

I recently quit drinking completely, it's been 8 days now. I was having pains mostly under my right rib cage, but then they were happening all over my abdomen and sometimes into my back. I had nausea as well. I am prone to panic attacks, so I'm sure that was part of my symptoms too. They were a cramping/burning pain. I was so scared something was seriously wrong.

I had them up until about 3 days ago. I cut out all gluten, dairy and fatty processed foods. Now I am eating fruits and veggies, yogurt, small amount of fish and chicken, rice and basically clean/whole foods. I've been eating small portions. I seem to be feeling better each day, however last night I had a bigger portion of just veggies and I felt nausea and a very full feeling at the top of my abdomen (right below the sternum). I will see a doctor if the issues return, but I'm wondering if anyone else experienced this and if it changed after quitting and eating better? I haven't been diagnosed with anything, but after a lot of research, I feel like I maybe had acute gastritis, or IBS.

All feedback is appreciated, thanks!!
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Why don't you go to the doctor and do more blood work?? Go early one day for the lab, go back and look over your numbers.. You're still young, quit drinking while your ahead.. Booze will kill you, Grave Yard Dead!! Go get checked out!!
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Yes, see a Doc and have it checked out. I had pain under my right rib cage while I was still drinking and quite a while after stopping. My liver was swollen. After one month sober however, my liver enzymes had returned to normal.
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I had similar symptoms and was given gastritis meds that I've been on for a week now and am feeling much better. I'd definitely see a dr and get more tests, my vitamins were low because I couldn't absorb them properly, so I really needed the meds in order to heal.
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Alcohol does a lot of physical damage and not only to alcoholics. See your doctor.
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Removing alcohol from your daily diet dramatically reduces your carb intake. Whatever variety of bacterial species lived in your stomach and intestines is being rebalanced and adjusted now. This process can produce gas and pain, but shouldn't last very long. Keep eating healthy, lots of liquids, and your micro biome will adjust itself to your new healthy lifestyle.
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See the doc again for peace of mind. But when I first got sober I was so sick to my stomach. I couldn't eat. I was nauseous and a few bites of food was all I could manage. I had the runs something fierce as well. I would wake up in the morning and have to bolt to the bathroom. It was bad. It took a month or so for my system to straighten out. Be patient!! Congrats on your newly acquired sobriety. It is the most precious Gift you will ever receive so treasure it and protect it! <3
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Welcome back spybee

I put another vote in for the Dr - that way you'll have peace of mind.
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People think that "fruits and vegetables" are healthy, but some of them may not agree with you.

Vegetables and whole grains can be very good, but some people do not tolerate soluble fiber (barley, oats, beans) and others do not tolerate insoluble fiber (whole grains, fruit skins).
Here's a chart with more foods:
List of Foods High/Low in Fiber; Types, Health Benefits

If you tolerated gluten before, I'm sure you can it now. I'm not aware of any side effect of gluten in people who do not have celiac disease.

If you tolerated milk and all dairy before, you can probably tolerate it now.

Make more experiments and eliminate foods one by one or try a "low-FODMAP" diet, for example. This eliminates soluble fiber, fructose, lactose and polyols.
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Thank you all so much for responding. This site and the people here are amazing. Truly grateful!

I went to the doctor yesterday. He ran a CT scan and a full blood test. He said everything looks good and that he did see a lot of gas pockets/stool in my system still. He said "my digestive system is pissed off" lol. He prescribed me a PPI and a med for nausea.

I'm feeling better today. Almost 2 weeks sober :-)
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
Welcome back spybee

I put another vote in for the Dr - that way you'll have peace of mind.
Thanks Dee :-)
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