Question about withdrawal

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Question about withdrawal

I stopped drinking almost daily in June last year, but I drank about once every 3 weeks from then until January this year, because I didn't know that alcoholics can't go back to drinking in moderation. So instead of getting better, I continued to get worse.

Every time I drank again my withdrawal (acute and PAWS) got worse. I didn't notice this immediately because it was only a subtle difference at first, but then it started to become more obvious.

Is it possible that by stopping and starting again several times like I did, I've created a withdrawal that is worse than if I had drank that whole time and then stopped once?

Note: I'm talking about PAWS. I'm on day 101 so well past the acute phase.
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The side effects from drinking only get worse over time my friend!
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Great topic,

I'm not going to test how kindling and PAWS work ever again.

The ever declining 30 minutes per drink of euphoric haze, followed by hours and days of side effects is not worth it to me anymore.

Yesterday, I would have started drinking around 12 am. I would have drank about 500 ml of hard stuff. I would have ended up binge eating and passing out.

My hang over would be horrible.

Instead, I hit the gym early, took jr. For a hair cut, ate out, and got him some cool running shoes. I enjoyed a great sober evening. Today, I am rested and ready to rock.

So much better.

I haven't been sick, for more than a few hours, since I quit boozing nearly 1 year ago.

That alone is a reason to never drink again.

My health seems to be increasing so much. My strength is improving. My ability to tolerate stress and frustration are improving.

Why ruin it.

We are all addicts. As long as we don't relapse, we are free.
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