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Hi all I've been away for sometime. I started drinking very heavily again. And it has really affected my health. About a month ago i was in a grappling class and may have hurt my right side. It is still painful today. As I was looking up diffrent treatments for it, I stumbled upon other symptoms that I have. I am positive that my liver is inflamed. I made an apointment with my DR. On friday And I dumped my bottle. And now I am scared. Not for me. For my wife and kids. I did this to my self.

Do any of you have advice for me on this. I am definatly done with the alcohol.
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Sobriety is Traditional
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Hi raaeoh!

For advice, I would say stop drinking for good. The liver has amazing regenerative properties as long as it is not exposed to chemicals such as alcohol.
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Hi and welcome back! Wise quitting and getting to the Dr. Do you have a plan of action to apply and get on with a sober life? Do something different this time?
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Glad you are here, raaoeh.

I would go to the doctor and also tell him or her about your excessive drinking.

I would then pursue a program of recovery.

The liver is an amazingly regenerative organ, but you can kill it.

Mine certainly hurt like the devil the last few years of my drinking.
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Welcome back raaoeh! First off, congrats on getting rid of the booze and making the decision to stop. That's a big move and it will have long term benefits for you and your family. Second, i'd recommend not doing too much research on "Dr. Google" - you cannot diagnose yourself on the internet and you'll most likely just scare yourself more than anything. If the pain is not intolerable enough that you need to visit an ER, just wait until you see your doc later this week for an accurate diagnosis. The best thing you can do is stick around here and learn more about how to stay sober, or seek local help via meetings, support groups, etc.
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just stick to staying sober--that's the one best thing you can do
and work with your doctor on tests, etc.

Since I quit, my side pain has totally gone and my tests are all normal.
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I agree with Scott...don't diagnose yourself on Google!!! Wait and see what the doc says.
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Dr Google is so bad for our mental health.
Remember to hydrate and take it easy and don't drink! We are lucky to have such resilient bodies, I am sure and I'm hoping that your Dr's visit goes well and everything turns out fine
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I think you've already taken a couple positive steps. Stopped drinking and going to see your doc. As others have said, I would stay away from google. It hasn't cured a single disease, but has caused countless people to lose sleep.
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Remember to be honest at your doctor's appointment, about your drinking. They can't give you the best help, if they don't know the facts.
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Welcome back raaeoh

I hope you'll find your fears are unfounded but I'm glad you're checking it out

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Glad you're here raaeoh, you'll find that abstinence will rid you of most of your ailments. Stay sober long enough and you'll be surprised how easy life gets without those mental impulses and constant worrying about your health. It's the easy way out if you let it be. Hang in there past those first few speed bumps and coast downhill. It really can be that easy if you stop fighting it and just consign yourself to never needing another drink.
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Go and see a doctor and be honest. It was the first thing I did when I quit drinking and a concrete step that got me into sobriety and out of the hell I was creating for myself.
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