Louis Theroux - Drinking to Oblivion

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Louis Theroux - Drinking to Oblivion

I haven't posted on this site for a long time but I was watching this last night and it made think of everyone on this site whose stories I used to follow and from whose strength and wisdom I used to gain.
BBC iPlayer - Louis Theroux - Drinking to Oblivion
It's been a while since a documentary which shows the reality of alcoholism has come out and I always think that programmes like this help those of us who may feel complacent in long term sobriety to remember what we're up against.
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Do your best
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Began watching it, will finish later. Quite depressing actually, but I will still watch it. Educate myself.
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Thanks! Xo
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It's on youtube
I can't post the link since I'm not "15 or greater"...
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The stories are sad but are a reminder of how serious we need to take our recovery.
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I enjoy Louis' shows in general! There was one point centred around the young bloke conatantly relapsing in this one where I said out loud to myself, 'i am never, NEVER going to drink again' without even meaning to.
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Originally Posted by lesuisse View Post
It's on youtube
I can't post the link since I'm not "15 or greater"...
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Now I'm in recovery and sober I'm going to watch this as an incentive...
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Joe Walker the young lad who relapses and later expresses hope for the future in Brighton is now 8 months sober.
Article from 17 June 2016.
Louis Theroux reveals alcoholic Joe from Drinking to Oblivion documentary is still sober | Daily Mail Online
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Great news. Keep on keepin on Joe.
God bless ye m8.
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