Near catastrophic relapse

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me too

[QUOTE=Patrickbing;5915884]Hello all,
I have from about 28 to now, 33yo, had alcohol acting as a destructive force in my life. It has been on and off (last year 6 months sober, this year, a few relapses ) I moved away from my partner and our young child after a major relapse last year to where my family live, and returned late last year after a period of sobriety to prove I was able to be a good father and partner.
Well, I have gone and destroyed that situation and my relapse is the most shameful and disgusting thing I've ever done- this is even hard to share with strangers....I drank an amount of vodka that caused me to pass out whilst my 2 year old was in my care. And he jumped over the barrier we set up on the porch and he walked out to the road. A neighbor grabbed him and took him in and obviously found me passed out.
My poor partner was called at her enjoyable staff dinner and I woke up at 12am in an empty house with no clue of what had transpired. This is horrendous obviously. The surrounding neighbour's are all aware of this event. So this is the hell I'm living right now. And I'm not suggesting for a second I'm the real victim of course. My beautiful wee man who I adore could have been killed because I decided to drink vodka on a Sunday. My family think I'm going okay with my sobriety so telling them my now ex-partner is leaving town with our child (to her home town with a good deal of support) is going to be one hell of a painful phone call.
What a truly horrible , insane decision I made this last Sunday.
Please let this be the last dose of insanity.
I had to get this out to someone, no matter the anonymity.
Thanks all[/QUOTE
I relapsed twice in the last year. 4 days ago I lost my nursing job and got a drunken driving arrest in one day a week after my wife and I dropped our youngest off far away in university. There's more but I'll wait to see if you are still here. I hope you are ok
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That's bad, man. Happy your kid is safe. Perhaps you could let us know what you're thinking to do with your drinking?
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Welcome to SR Shananchie

Feel free to start your own thread so you can get more response

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