Days like these

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Days like these

I go to AA which has helped keep me sober for the first month. That being said, AA is not always a picnic. The last few days you've seen me post about issues with a toxic family member in the program and issues I was having with my sponsor and step work. I plan to find a new sponsor and work on a solution with everything else.

That being said, both of those issues I never could have shared about in a meeting or even confided in someone else due to political reason and fear it would get back to them. Being able to vent here on SR has really saved my butt the last few days. Without it, I might have drank again, or at least would have been about to jump out of my skin. So, today, for that, I'm grateful.
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Glad SR has been helping you bluedog, keep us close.
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Having multiple resources/support groups to lean on is very important IMHO, no matter what methods you choose. Glad you were able to get through the tough times and good luck on your search for a new sponsor.
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Do your best
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Glad your with us
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Hi Bluedog, I read your other thread as well. Just wanted to say you are not alone in your plight. I have some family (we are all in the same town) that are pretty negative and righteous, it has been pretty hard, but I'm finding the best thing to do is soldier forward and keep some distance. I refuse to allow myself to be dragged down by others. Life is too short and is hard enough all on its own.
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