hi, i'm jordan

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hi, i'm jordan

Hello. This is where I need to be. Over the last year I've had significant issues with alcohol. To the point that now I have two DUI's under my belt. I'm done. I can't do this, I can't lie anymore or feel numb. I need to face everything and be the strong person that I once was. I'm here to learn, and grow and share experiences. I'm so glad places like this exist.
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Welcome to sr young lady. Were here for ya. Lots of experience and we are willing to help. Just don't drink. It will get better. Take action, don't sit around.
Im wayne, and once again, welcome to sr.
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Welcome Jordan. You'll definitely find a lot of resources, information and support here. Cosider reading a few of the stickys over in the newcomers section or joining a monthly support thread too. Hope you can stick around!
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Hello and welcome. You've found a great spot for support.
Remember, you won't get drunk if you don't take that first drink.
Hope to hear more from you.
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Do your best
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Welcome Jordan have you got a plan
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welcome, Jordan.
knowing you're done is a great starting point.
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still around, Jordan?
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