Almost 3 weeks and on vacation...

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Almost 3 weeks and on vacation...

I have been dry for 1 day short of 3 weeks now and I am on vacation at the beach. It is a much needed short getaway until Monday. While I am happy to be here it is a little bit of a challenge because vacations are a big trigger, or at least I know they are for me. During my drinking days vacations were the best excuse to get sloshed as much as I want whether morning, afternoon, or night. I would tell myself that the normal "rules" of life do not apply while on vacation and drink hard usually the entire trip.

This trip I have taken precautions by inviting a lot of my family (who doesn't drink and doesn't want me to drink) and I have my son at the beach for the first time. He is 1 and will do good at keeping me occupied while on the beach.

I am also still taking naltrexone religiously and it does really help with the cravings and thoughts. I think that the naltrexone is making my personality a little off but I admit that I could just be subconsciously ill about not being able to drink. It was nice to be able to remember my entire night on the first night of my trip last night.

Well thanks everyone for listening. I knew it would probably help me manage cravings for the old booze driven vacation if I came on here and spoke my thoughts on it. If anyone has any advice for dealing with vacations or major triggers in early sobriety I am all ears.
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Congrats on 3 weeks, cladoh..that's a heck of an accomplishment. For me vacations were tough at first too, but it sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things - avoiding situations with alcohol, planning alternate activities, etc. Make sure you get enough rest, food and water...which should be no problem on vacation, right? And don't forget SR is always here should you need to talk things through...that's a great sign that you came here instead of the alternative.
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Do your best
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3 weeks is amazing congrats bud
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Congratultions from me too Claydoh

Remember SR is here if/when you're feeling vulnerable

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