Obsessing About the Next Drink

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Obsessing About the Next Drink

Today my husband and I went out to lunch, and he had two beers (he is not in sobriety). Anyways, the beers looked really good, and I was tempted to have one.

But then I went through the tape of what would happen after that. I obviously would be unable to stop at 1 and would end up having a lot more and being unable to sleep well and most likely waking up with a hangover.

But here is the the part of the tape that really dissuaded me from taking that next drink. Once I have 1 drink, I obsess about the next drink. So even if I did get through today okay, I then would be totally restless tomorrow and thereafter because I would be obsessing in my mind when I can drink next and how to control it because I would be a drinker again after that first drink. Even if I only had a few beers today, the obsession to drink again would be ignited, and I hate living with that uneasy, restless feeling. The only way not to live in this state of obsession is by not taking that first drink and continuing my sobriety. As of right now, I am not obsessing about my next drink because I never took that first drink today and am so glad that I did not. But this is a difficult journey, which is why I can empathize with everyone who is struggling to get a few days on these boards.
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...holds the key
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Well done, just breathe!
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12 Step Recovered Alcoholic
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That was pretty sane thinking.
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As hard as it is to say no it is even harder to say it after you've said yes.
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After a few months you actually get used to not drinking. You still might think about it but it is no longer the "norm."
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Great job tracking down the obsession JB

I must admit it is pretty much just the same for me.

Living with my still-drinking spouse is really becoming a serious issue
and temptation for me as time passes.
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Do your best
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Exellent post Justbreathe
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Perfectly put...that 1st drink is just a tease...playing the "tape" all the way through really does work. Great post...thanks.
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Great observation. When the train's comin', it ain't the caboose what kills...
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yeah you hit the nail on the head! that obsessing is killer! and from what i hear 1 little slip up and its BACK in full force!.

I luckily have not relapsed with booze since i quit. But iv'e quit smoking a few times in my life and each time i caved and had 1 cigarette heck just 1 puff and it was ON the obsession monster was AWAKE and craven and just BEGGEN for that next fix

I know if i had just one sip of booze love it or hate it I'd be ready to chew my left arm off it meant i could have another drop even!

god I hated that! daily checking if i had enough booze if I had enough money to get more booze etc.. deer god my life revolved around it.
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The old saying is true: it's the first drink that gets you drunk.

The first drink always started the obsession for the second.

Not taking the first drink keeps any obsession on mute.
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I agree 100%. One is one too many, 1000 is not enough....I always had to have just
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