First meeting

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First meeting

Hey fellow SR people,

Day 8 here, and tonight will be my first meeting. Needless to say I'm scared ********, but at the same time it feels very good to finally do something and take active measures. I already spoke to the group "leader" on the phone, and he sounded very friendly.

I hope that it will be going alright and I wish everyone on here a nice and sober day!
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Fear of the unknown is OK as long as we don’t let it overwhelm us.

Meetings are for people suffering from alcoholism who want to not drink. The same people you may have drank with at the bar or go to work with, people from the community and above all people who want to help you, if you let them.

You don’t have to say anything except perhaps your first name, if it’s a discussion meeting just saying I PASS is perfectly acceptable as it helps us concentrate on what others have to say, that’s the way we learn about our ailment. I suggest a lot of meetings and talk on a one on one basis after awhile.

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Day 8 is awesome, and I hope you enjoy the meeting and get lots of support from it.
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Congrats on a week and have a good time tonight. There's nothing to be scared of...everyone you see tonight will be there for the same reason as you, and they all want to help.
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I hope you have a friendly meeting. Don't feel overwhelmed if a lot of people approach you because you're new. THey are just trying to help. And you don have to speak, if it comes around to you, you don't even have to say "I'm an alcoholic" if you don't want to. Just say, "I'm so and so and I'm new, so I'm going to pass on speaking." Of course you can share if you want to, but a lot of people are too overwhelmed at their first meeting.
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Hope it all goes well!! You can do this!!
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I am sure it will go fine. I was very emotional at my first meeting. I am typically not an emotional person but it was the reality that I was admitting, really admitting, I had a problem. You hang in there.
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Thanks everyone,

it actually went really well. The people were really friendly and kind and just shared some stories. I did as well. At first I was very nervous, but it was a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere, so after a while I calmed down quite a bit. I'm really glad that I went and I'll definitely do it again.

Thanks for the ongoing support!
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Glad it all went well!
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i didnt go to my first meeting till after i had a year sober. You got me beat thats for sure. I was a fool to not go sooner but I guess it took me that long to get over myself.

good job!
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Fantastic, Dark! It's a big step. So glad it went well.
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