One thing I still can't believe...

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One thing I still can't believe...

In meetings people ask me if I'm new etc, and some of them have years of sobriety.. yet when I tell them I'm X amount of days sober, they're truly pleased, proud and enthusiastic about it as an achievement. It just seems crazy having someone 14 years sober tonight congratulating me genuinely on me being 6 days sober.
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Because you are taking the first steps on the right path Sadly, some never get that far. Stick with it, really glad AA is working for you.
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Do your best
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Yes Sarah they have been where you have been they how how tough it was to do what your doing now

I want to congratulate you aswell your awesome Sarah
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They know how hard it is to put aside alcohol; it all starts on Day 1; each day is progress.
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6 days is a wonderful achievement, and we all remember what a struggle the early days were. You're doing great sarahlou.
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Members, total strangers were always
accepting of me. Then when I began
bringing many many platters of goodies
to share with everyone with a cup of
coffee, they were waiting for me to show

When I didn't bring anything they were
disappointed a bit but still glad I was
continueing to show up to meetings.

This became my service work, because
I enjoyed baking and made it my own
personal responsibility and the most thing,
I made it to many many meetings listening,
learning, absorbing and finally applying my
program of recovery on a daily bases.

That service work allowed others to see me
and it gave me the opportunity to get over
my shyness and self centeredness.

The fellowship within recovery is a wonderful
gift to be shared by many. And to be a part
of this fellowship amongst people that care
and are just like me is beyond words I can

Truly AWESOME..!!!!!
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Please don't stop sharing your insights and perspective as a new person in AA. It brings so many memories back. Having a few more days than you do I think I take too much for granted.

I also think your perspective can be quite valuable for the SR lurkers who might be too afraid to go themselves. Thanks.
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You're doing great. What do they say? A thousand mile journey begins with a single step? Something like that. When I was six days sober I felt like I have not proven anything or really earned anything but I just had to keep putting one day in front of the other. Keep up the good work Sarah!
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Originally Posted by sarahlou87 View Post
In meetings people ask me if I'm new etc, and some of them have years of sobriety.. yet when I tell them I'm X amount of days sober, they're truly pleased, proud and enthusiastic about it as an achievement. It just seems crazy having someone 14 years sober tonight congratulating me genuinely on me being 6 days sober.
It's because we who have 10,15,20 years of sobriety know that 10,15,20 years is a long time but 6 days is an eternity.
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Awesome progress day at a time!
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A Day at a Time
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Six days sober for you is a much bigger accomplishment than it is for me. We know how hard those first days are and you should be very proud of yourself. AA celebrates success and ignores failure
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It is not easy to stay stopped for us.

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The first days are the hardest, but more than that nobody gets a pass just because they haven't had a drink in a decade or more... we are all one drink away from the abyss, and we know how precious and fragile sobriety can be.

Congratulations on six days!!
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I got over 3 years sober and I'm still mesmerized to hear when someone gets even a day. Why? because I know in my case anyhow its nothing short of a miracle that I even got a day let alone the 3+ years I have now. It'll be a miracle again today if I make it another day as well.

people are excited and enthusiastic because they realize how tough it is. The flip side of this is tell a non alcholich and there like yeah so what! that can be rather depressing but why should they get it ? they don't have drinking problems cant expect them to understand.
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Exactly right, other posters. Two years into my sobriety, I can still remember those terrifying first days, and I'm in awe of anyone who has the courage to take those first steps. Good for you!
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Good job Sarah. You are doing great. When a child takes his first steps, everyone is amazed even though they walk miles. You are taking the first steps to success. Way to go.
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Oh yeah, those first few days and weeks are brutal. You are strong to get through them and no one knows that better than those of us with a little more time in. With all due respect, knowing that one drink would send me straight back to hell, the fourth year is waaaay easier than the fourth day!
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Newcomers are the most important people at an AA meeting. I love when new people come, especially when they share their struggles. I am 2-1/2 years sober Sarah but I am just as close to my next drunk as you are! Newcomers remind me of that.
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Another Day in Paradise
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"It is much easier to stay sober than get sober."
-Don't know who said this but I won't claim it.

The effort and will power and looking for strength outside one's self that those first days, weeks and even months requires is tremendous. I have always thought about the process of pushing a stalled auto. It is extremely hard to get it moving, but once you do and the wheels turn keeping it going is easy.

Sarah, after a few years of sobriety I will tell you that sometimes days and even weeks go by where I don't think about drinking or alcohol as it used to relate to me.
The point being it does get easier.

Best of luck,
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If you are an Alcoholic,6days is a huge achievement.

Seeing newcomers stay sober is so heartwarming.Pleased you are going to meetings..I certainly never forget how I felt in my early days of sobriety,I would not have continued had I not had support from others in the rooms of AA.
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