Diet - Sugar

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Diet - Sugar

Anyone got a cure for a sweet tooth? I used to drink and have some dessert each night, chocolate, ice cream, pie and cream, mmmmmmmm !! (salivating now) But now im not drinking, i'm having double portions.

Ive tried protein rich diets in the past, and they do seem to remove the desire for sugar, but they also involve a lot of fat - which isn't ideal.

I was a red wine and beer drinker, so was probably taking in up to 1500 empty alcohol sugar calories a night, so understandable im craving... But want to reduce my dependence....

Any ideas would be most appreciated.
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If you simply stop taking sugar, the cravings will reduce after a week or so. I also use chromium to stabilise blood sugar and am less likely to crave chocolate and ice cream. Also check out glutamine, but I think it can be a problem if there's any kidney damage.

High protein diets definitely work, because again blood sugar is regulated. They needn't include a lot of fat
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Staying away from refined carbs pretty much did the trick. I eat a pretty normal diet, so it's not really high in fat. I mean, it's not centered around meat, and I use lowfat dairy...and the rest pretty much takes care of itself.

I don't eat many things made with flour. Tend towards eating actual cooked grains. I buy bread that is for's high gluten low carb. I keep a loaf in the freezer for when my soul cries out for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Instead of pasta made from flour I use cooked grain in it's place. It's really tasty in casseroles, with sauce over it or in salads. We eat beans and lentils a lot.

I really think what helps is to not try to make these things taste like foods from a refined carb diet...not sure if I am saying this right. I mean to accept the food for what it is instead of comparing it to something we used to eat. Not to be in the mindset that this is a substitute for something else.

It's like a new cuisine.

I'm saying this because I have a friend who is overweight, has a heart condition and is diabetic, and she is always trying to fool her body by making immitations of casseroles and rich deserts etc with fake ingredients and then feeling cheated. She never tries to eat a different cuisine, she just keeps trying to make imitations of her refined foods diet them comparing the imitations unfavorably.

I really think if she let herself try these other foods, she wouldn't feel cheated, would find lots of new things she liked and the weight would come off.
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I am doing the Paleo diet but its really more of a lifestyle than a diet. Essentially you eat fresh food and no grains. You can have sugar but not process (not fresh).

You can also use RR for quitting anything. I think it's useful and if its a bigger issue, step work can apply.

The Paleo Diet | Dr. Loren Cordain, Founder of the Paleo Diet Movement
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