Any younger people go to AA?

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Don't shy away from the older folks who have many years of sobriety. You can learn a great deal from them. Either way, it will be a win/win situation for you. Keep us posted.
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Im 26 and have been around AA for a while. It helped save my life
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Originally Posted by smalltowngirl View Post
Was just curious, as this week I want to start attending meetings (instead of picking up that drink after work, I've decided to replace it with AA!). But I'm scared. I'm in my 20's, and I don't really know what goes on.
I went to my first AA meeting when I was in my mid-20's. I've been "in" AA for almost a year now and I'm 28 years old. Plenty of younger people are at meetings. Go check it out. You have nothing to lose.
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Originally Posted by smalltowngirl View Post
Thank you all. I guess a big part of me is scared, going in there alone, not knowing anybody.... not knowing what to expect.... I'm an anxious person :p
Just remember that everyone at the meeting you go to has been in your shoes at one time. They all had a "first meeting" too.

Hope it goes well for you!
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I'm 22 and have 2 months now. Things have been better this time with A.A. Don't worry yourself too much about being young. Everyone in the meetings say like a broken record they wish they started sooner rather than later.
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I'm 21 and have been a member since 19. You can read my story by clicking on the blog entries:1 if you so wish
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Here is what to expect:

Your First AA Meeting

Also google up young people in AA in PA. There are groups that specifically cater to young people.
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I went to a lead meeting last night and she got sober at 21, so yes, there are young people in AA.

I am always inspired by the young men and women that I come into contact with. I wish I had realized that early on that I had a problem. Many of them have been sober a lot longer than me and I take what they say to heart.
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Om, Aum, Ohm...
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Currently sponsoring two women in their twenties -- one is 23 and has 21 months sober, another is 25 and has two years sober. One other sponsee is now 33, but she got sober at 26 and has seven years. I had coffee and pie with a young man after I gave a lead at his home group (at his request). He'll soon be 22 and five years sober. These are just a few.

Yup. We have young folk.

Peace & Love,
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