Story novels about alcoholism?

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Dry is a wonderful book and a pretty fast read. It's one of my favorites because as horrible as it is, he is one funny guy. I've read all of his books and they're all very good.
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Originally Posted by suki44883 View Post
Dry is a wonderful book and a pretty fast read. It's one of my favorites because as horrible as it is, he is one funny guy. I've read all of his books and they're all very good.

Yeah I was looking at his others and was thinking about picking a couple up but I figured I'd better wait until I finish the 2 books I picked up first.
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Yeah, might as well start slowly. For some reason, I've been in a voracious reading mode the past few months. I'll bet I've read about 30 books in the past 3 months. Whew!
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Big Sur by Jack Kerouac

Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp
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Moscow to the End of the Line by Venedikt Eforeev. It's kind of trippy; if you like Kafka you might like this.
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I enjoyed Lie Down in Darkness by William Styron. Someone mentioned George McGivern's daughter who died in a snow drift. I think that one time she was sober for about ten years. For whatever reason she started drinking again & was never able to stop.
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The Almost Freedom Of Fred Mode

This offers a good insight into the mind of an alcoholic. The author is/was obviously one himself
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The Lost Weekend by Charles Jackson is a classic. Great movie too.
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The Girl on the Train, an outstanding novel by Paula Hawkins.

Get it before the movie comes out.

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John Barleycorn, by Jack London.
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The Empty Room by Lauren B. Davis.
The Good House by Ann Leary.
Both books are about women trying to hide their alcoholism.
Excellent reads!
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Drinking a Love Story
Mommy Doesn't Drink Here Anymore

After reading above I am interested in A Million Little Pieces
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Girl on a Train is great -- everyone should read it.
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"The Shining" by Stephen King. The movie was rubbish but the book really gets inside the head of the main character (Jack Torrence). I think it also gives a pretty good description of what it is like to be a "dry "drunk"
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Originally Posted by GreenAces View Post
My friend also told me that it was full of half truths.. I told her I really didn't mind that because I can almost always find something to relate about with stories from and or about other addicts/alcoholics.

Thanks for the suggestion on Drinking: A Love Story. I believe I have heard about that book from somewhere but I can't be sure, I'm going to have to look in to it.

and thanks again to everyone else aswell these are some good replies.
I just picked up "A Million Little Pieces" today before reading this thread! I can relate to this and it is good even if not true. Another one was "It'll never happen to me". Sorry if it has already been listed.
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"Blame" by Michelle Huneven, is a fantastic work of fiction that reads like a true story. It's about a professional, everyday kinda woman who wakes up in jail after an alcoholic blackout, and is told that she killed 4 people the night before while driving drunk. I read this book while I was still drinking and it horrified me.

I agree that "Dry" is also a great book. I love Augusten Burroughs.

And yes, "Girl On The Train"!!!
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A Fan's Notes
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Thank you for this thread! I can't wait get some of these.
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