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Have had a headache for about 13 day's just don't know whats going on.Checked my bp and sugar levels all are normal ,i guess if by monday if i feel this way i will go to the dr, enuff whinning Happy thanks giving all..

Take Care,
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Sorry to know you are hurting John....
You might want to consider an eye exam too.

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Heating pad helps me a lot. It's kinda weird on your head, but you get used to it.

Feel better soon my friend.
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Carol, funny you mentioned that because i have had a episode of excessive blinking, really weird sometimes it seems hard to open my eyes after a blink or the blinking seems excessive... Thanks texas i will try that.. But i have no sight problems Carol ....
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I have had headaches for days at a time before John.
I really believe anzxety and stress brought them on.They are much better now.
I have also had opitical migranes,and you can have them with out having a headache.At least thats the way the Dr explained them to me.
A good checkup would not hurt
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I suffer from classical as well as optical migraines and neither one is fun Another thing that I have that affects my vision which then can cause a headache is dry eyes. Makes my vision blurry which causes headaches but an eye exam reveals that my vision isn't too bad so drops to moisten the eyes were suggested.

Also, sinuses can do a real number on you causing some horrendous headaches!

Whatever the cause I hope you and your doctor are able to quickly find the cause and get you some relief soon!

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