Advice please!

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Advice please!

Thanks to whoever reads this...

I found this site because of my present situation. My Dad is currently drinking himself to death. He has been an alcoholic all my life (30 years), but has been nothing but kind, loving and supportive. He was always so strong and capable that his drinking was just a vice that we all could and chose to live with. Recently, though, he has gone off the edge. He has lost his will to stay in this world. He has been drinking non-stop, often taking up to three naps (passing out) a day. He is throwing up on himself (and other things), not eating, and his memory is scant.

Right now I just need to know if I can do anything for my Dad. He will not go voluntarily into a rehab or hospital. What are my options? I have what I consider to be a realistic outlook on him ever being sober, but I just can't stand by and watch him kill himself without trying to get him help. How do you involuntarily commit someone? How do I get my Dad help?

-Please help. I love my Dad.

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My Dad, also, has gotten downward in his alcoholism. I am here for vacation though and thankfully don't have to witness it all the time. I have told my Mom about Al-Anon & got a pamphlet for her "Is there an alcoholic in your life?"

My Dad knows I am an AA so that may be different than in your situation...but he definitely has a hand to hold if he ever wants help. Thats all I can share right now.

Love, Digits
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First welcome! I am Glad you have found us.

In situations like this we sometimes recommend calling 911 and telling them he is trying to kill himself. Once he is in ER and stabilized they will want to send him home. People have been known to refuse to take them and a detox bed must then be found. From there perhaps rehab.

Statistics are about the same for involuntary rehab and voluntary...not good... but it is worth a shot. Do some research in your area on rehabs...there is everything from free to welfare paid to very costly. Does he have insurance??? That will pay sometimes.

We ordinarily recommend "hands off" but if a person's life is at risk I would personally take some action...starting with 911.

Luck and hugs,
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