AA in recovery with ACOA girlfriend

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I'm in AA and i'm ACOA.
It's more then fair for her , it's also healthier.
It's bascailly what normal people do is date for years and just
get to know one other. You can't get to know her , if she dosn't
know who she is.

I think a lot of our problems comes from expecting our partners
to be a certain way. What our perceptions of a relationship
should be when we go beyound the dating stage.
We start taking people for granted once we get
Our attitude change...slowly.

When dating, there's boundaires and a lot more respect
for one another.

anyway, you can't make promises , even if you're seriously
together..alki, acoc or normies.
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Always Lonely Never Alone

When I was just a little boy, I lived my life in fear.
My Mother left, my Dad drank, so I thought I’d try a beer.
Had some beers, smoked some weed, it washed away my fears.
At 12 years old I didn’t know, I’d be ****** up for years.

I liked to drink in the morning, the afternoon and all night
I was such an angry person, when I drank I’d always fight.
It never really mattered to me, if I won a fight or lost.
The booze and drugs had a grip on me, no matter what the cost.

Sherry was the girl I loved, when she left me I was floored.
She took our daughter Tiffany, the little girl that I adored.
You’d think that I would see the light and quit the dope and booze.
I just drank more and things got worse, I had nothing left to lose.

I drank to kill the heartache, that overwhelming pain.
I drank to forget the things I’d done, to erase the guilt and shame.
I had to leave our little town, the only place I’d known.
I’d used up my friends and family, then I drank because I was alone.

I’d awaken in a jail cell, remorseful and full of fright.
What’s the charges officer? Where’d you pick me up last night?
You assaulted another man, and tried to resisted arrest.
Off to jail I go again, to give my mind and body a much needed rest.

When I get out I’ll change my ways, this time it won’t be the same
I’ve learned my lesson I know where I went wrong, I can beat this drinking game.
Upon my release I stop in for one, just to see how it goes.
Two hours latter I’m under arrest, for breaking a stranger’s nose.

I’m out of control I really need help, I can drink no more.
Off to treatment I drag my ass, but they kick me out the door.
Come back when you’re ready, to be honest about your life so far.
I’ll show them bastards who’s a drunk, so I go to the nearest bar.

I’m in and out of several jails, treatments centers and the nuthouse boot.
I’m doing armed robberies, selling drugs, cause I really need the loot.
I tell myself I’m not that bad, I just got **** going on in my head.
Suicide crossed my mind, I’d be better off if I were dead.

The snakes and spiders attack me, my eyes fill up with tears
They are going up my ass, down my throat, in my nose and ears
God please just let me die, so I can cause no one more harm
I’m strapped to a stretcher shaking, with an IV in my arm

I’m not a child of 12 any more, I’m a drunkard at 26 years old.
The remorse, guilt, shame and fear, are now 1,000 fold
I’ve lost everything I cared about, mostly the 2 girls that I love
I’m beaten enough to say an honest pray, to the Almighty God above

This prayer is not like the others I’ve prayed, while trying to swing a deal
This prayer is from a broken, hopeless man, and for the first time it is real
I ask dear God please be with me, help me to get sober and clean,
Help me get honest with myself, and never again be mean.

I’ve been sober for many years now, and my life is just my life
God has given me David and Stacey, he also cursed me with a wife
I have a total family now, yet I still feel so alone
I have house to live in, but you could hardly call it home.

Into my life comes a beautiful girl, she's the Woman of my dreams
I think I’ve found some happiness, I guess I’m wrong it seems.
Then I go and fall in love, but she doesn’t feel the same
Again I feel the heartache, loneliness and that overwhelming pain

How come I care so much for her? I really don’t know why
She held my hand and kissed my lips, then began to cry.
She told me that she loved me, she was in a drunken state
She forgot all that was said and done that night, to remember is my fate

On the outside she is confident, I know she hurts inside
Almost ever night she drinks too much, in the bottle tries to hide.
She must awaken to remorse,fear, guilt and shame
I know exactly what she is going through, it’s such an awful game

She starts off having a few drinks, She's really lots of fun
I’ve tried to talk with her, about the things She's said and done
She says she doesn’t want to talk, I was drunk and don’t recall
Sometimes it hurts me really bad, I'm cursed to remember all

She drinks to kill her heartache, that overwhelming pain
To forget the things she’s said and done, to erase the guilt and shame
She was upset and very angry, as she yelled into the phone
Because of it she almost lost, one of the best friends she has known

She has to know how much I care, that I understand her pain,
There is not much more I can do for her, it’s driving me insane.
I’ve seen a different side of her, not many get to see,
It might be why my feelings for her, have had such an effect on me.

Stacey asked why are you so sad Dad, why do you look so down?
I think I,m going to give up on her, I said with a subtle little frown
When I see you two together, you’re both so happy and care free
Trust me Dad; she really loves you too, be patient and you’ll see

She’s really pretty and I like her Dad, don’t quit on her so soon
Even if you can’t deliver, offer her the moon
Almighty God please comfort her, trusting in him I start to pray
Protect her during the night time and guide her through the day

Be there for Sherry, Tiffany, Stacey and David my only son
Teach them how to walk through life, but to know when they should run
What ever happens in my life dear God, please never let me moan
I may be lonely sometimes, now I know I’m never ALONE!

April 21, 2006

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I walk into the bathroom and notice a drip under the sink. There is a bit of a mess, so I clean it up. Later I notice water on the floor in the bathroom, it is coming from the leaky pipe under the sink. I get a small pail and place it under there. Things are good in the bathroom for a short time, until the pail fills and overflows. I go get the biggest pail I can find and place it under the sink, I also build a beautiful vanity around the sink. My bathroom looks great for a very Long time. And then I notice a moldy smell, the vanity is rotting from the inside out and then my bathroom is a mess.
The leaky pipe was the problem,(ACA learned behavior) the water dripping was my alcoholism and drug addiction. Under control at frist for short periods, and then for almost 20 years my life looked and seemed ok. At least on the outside.
I am still sober, but the core problems are causing a lot of trouble for me now. Thanks to all you LIFE PLUMBERS I might finally fix the leaky pipe that is my life.
Thanks for you help.
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