So Glad I Found SR back when...

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So Glad I Found SR back when...

I'm sober a year (officially)...and have been in the world of recovery for over 3 years now.

You were all right - things got SO MUCH BETTER!

I was juts thinking I need to become a real part of my sober community, as I've definitely sidelined myself. And it isn't so much the urge to drink - that definitely left a long time ago. But its hard to relate sometimes to people who have never struggled - never destroyed their lives and had to rebuild.

And it is easy to forget.

But life is good. I have had the same full-time job for almost 2 years (thankfully my relapse was on a wine spritzer and I deciced ithat it wasn't worth throwing it all away again...that was last March and I haven't faltered since).

I do yoga a couple times a week. and am at the gym a few times a week. My bills are all on time. My credit score is up, my weight is down. I'm not depressed. And for the most part, I'v elearned to not let my social anxiety define me. I try to push through it and do what it is I want....

so...yeah. I'm definitely not perfect...I know I have a lot of work to do yet...but realizing and accepting that I am and always swill be an alcoholic changed everything for the better.

Thank you everyone here for being there for me when I was in my darkest hour a few year sback. I don't think I'd be here now if it weren't for this site.

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Congratulations Nicole - and good to hear from you.
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Great post, Nicole.

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