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I was drizunk when I found sober recovery and I do not know why I chose spryte as my username. It has no personal significance whatsoever. But it's growing on me, so I'll keep it.

I looked online for stuff about aa and found sober recovery, so starting to go to aa and joining sr both sort of came at once.

As for where I was spiritually, hmm...I don't feel comfortable getting into that at this point. I have known that I needed to 'get help' for several years now because I haven't been able to do it on my own, and a family member is not well, so the whole 'life is fleeting' thing has hit home lately and the time to get help was yesterday, and yesterday's gone, so I'm doing it today. I really want to be present for that person, I want to be responsible for all the things that are going to happen in the next while, and I really want to be able to look that family member in the eye and say that I'm going to be ok, because I know they are worried about me.

Well, I think I just got into things more than I thought I would. So, that was me about a month ago. The story of spryte. I find it hard to even spell spyrte correctly...yeesh...
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If you have reached this stage there are only two ways to go and you already know that. If you are going to recover all the help and advice is here and the frirst 164 pages of the,'Big Book' or Alcoholice Anonymous as it is more propery known.

You have expressed you concers over a family member, who in turn is worried about you, alcohol-ISM is a selfish illness, it therefore follows that the 12 step programme of recovery is a selfgish programme, YOU MUST DO IT FOR YOURSELF! a day at a time. Let others see the change in you in sobriety.

Spirituality, choose the god of your understanding, not mine or anyone elses, then apply that to the 12 steps and you're off, like the advert says,'Just do it'.

Best wishes andf may the God of your understanding go with you, Mike W.
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everything is already ok
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Thanks spryte and welcome to SR and the process of recovery
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