If I had ever thought. . . . . .

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If I had ever thought. . . . . .

The sobriety calendar tells me that I have now been sober for 647 days, my mother passed awat on the 2nd of Aug.,this year, a day after her 89th birthday after being diagnosed with an aggressive for of brain cancer, she was gone within 10 days. Throughout my life, even in my 30 years of drinking I was always a dutiful son and she never saw me drunk although perhaps some might see her as an ,'enabler' as she often helped me financially throughout my troubles when I once again ,'had a bit of bad luck' and was stuck for cash.

Fortunately on the 15th of Feb.,2008 , I'm not that sure of the date so don't hold me to it, I had a ,'spiritual experience', alone and unaided by human hand when I could only crawl to my bed, my alcoholism was taken from me, I didn't even want to stop drinking!

I continued to see my mother, never told her w3hat happened, I was just sober, the financial assistance just tailed off along with the guilt I felt.

If I had ever thought all that time ago that I would not only be sober now, but more importantly at the time of her passing I'd have thought I would never have believed it!

In truth, at the end of the day , for whatever happened and whatever the set backs were, mainly,'slips' I hung on but for me I know it has to be a case of,'those who thoroughly follow our path' nothing less will do, because that's what worked for me in the end.

One final thought, if it worked for me, how mucvh better will it work for you, may the God of your understanding go with you,saleh. Mike W.
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