Challenge and Effort

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Challenge and Effort

Accomplishment would have little meaning if it were too easy to come by. The challenge and the effort are what make the reward worth having.

The dreams that are difficult to reach are the dreams that have the most value. For they compel you to stretch your abilities, your knowledge and your expectations beyond previous limits.

The goals that are the most ambitious are the ones that will bring out the best in you. The objectives that require the most effort are the ones that will bring you the most real and lasting value.

If everything you desire could be obtained with no effort, there would be no way to experience the joy of fulfillment. If life had no challenge, it would be unbearably empty.

As you make each difficult effort, know that you are creating real meaning and fulfillment in your life. As you push your way forward through the many challenges, keep in mind how fortunate you are to be able to meet them.

Today you have the opportunity to build your strength and to express your purpose through the efforts that you make and the challenges you face. Enthusiastically embrace that opportunity, and you'll be able to look back on this day with real satisfaction.

-- Ralph Marston
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Dreams are so important. I'd never trade the experience of living dreams, but I did learn there's a limit to how long you can live off the getting of a single dream.

My dreams are so different now, much less about where I am or what I'm doing and much more about how I live and who I can be. It's a strange transition but I'm liking it.
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Holy schmoly !!!!
stretch beyound my limits
It ain't easy
Challenges ??..
It's not unbearably borning..that's for sure.
My ass is allow to fall off every so often...yes???
How fourtunate am I?
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