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AA is My Religion

AA is My Religion, I've been to 3 meetings so far this week and done a 12 hour shift on the AA Helpline, and plan on going to a meeting on Fri,Sat,and Sunday this week.( Normaly I only get to 4 meetings a week and do a 12 hour stint on the phone)
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So, I guess I was lying!
Or hiding...
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My G-d is my 8 year old grandson. I worship him. He has never seen his father, just like myself. He needs my worship, and will get it.

Karl Marx said "religion is the opiate of the people". I am not a communist nor a marxist, but I read his book. Religion gives those in power a way to control the common people. It prevents anarchy and chaos in many civilizations. That's the look from the top side down.

Now look at the commoner. He is dragged to church (insert synagogue, temple, whatever here) as a young child and indoctrinated to hell fire and brimstone. He has no freedom of choice. His mind is programmed for life. As an an adult he drifts away from religion. Ah but he is left with all those thoughts of guilt that his brainwashing caused. It creates utter turmoil in some.

He constantly struggles with the wonder of whether G-d exists, or not. Then with the passage of time, he becomes old and sick. Ah now this is where he gets the PAYOFF! He remembers the promise of eternal life. He will not die! He will go to heaven and exist forever and ever. Now he can face his diseased, broken body with calmness and grace, if he believes, goes to church and gives 10% of all his money. He is blissful and patiently awaits his rebirth. He has no fear of death.

Heck, I don't know...I do remember as a child, maybe 7 or 8, promising G-d that I would not be happy, if only he would make bad things stop happening in my life. That was my sacrifice to him. I had this fear that if I became happy, he would punish me. Here is the pitypot part. I had an alcoholic stepfather who used me as a punching bag. He would leave for a few days. I would find some smigen of happiness. Then he would come back broke and angry. Not a lot of food was around. I remember coming home from school and would be very happy to find a raw potato. I would pell it and salt it good and eat up. Boo hoo for me, right? Nah, save your pity for someone who needs it.

We were sharecroppers. My Dad killed himself when I was almost 4. I saw him one time and he was in a casket. He saw me one time and he was in jail for non-support. I was 6 weeks old and he held me with his arms placed between the bars. They wouldn't unlock him to see me. He was a highly decorated combat infantryman in WW II. He fought in the South Pacific for 19 months. He was crazy when he came back.

So the stepfather went looking around the housing projects to find a women that had some boys that he would work like slaves, while he drank. When I was 5 years old, I worked 7 days a week. I hate chicken farms and milk cows to this day.

Anyway, this belief that I could not be happy, else G-d would punish me, has stayed with me to this day.
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I see in this world so many awful things done to children and adults, but at the same time I've seen examples of immense kindness. Our focus can get caught up in the horror and we can so easily forget to see what's good around us. I found myself doing that reading your post, getting caught up in the pain you describe so well and forgetting the love you show your grandson - both are real, both happen in this world.

I don't believe in a God therefore don't feel anger for a being who stands by when it could intercede and save pain. I believe we can learn where the pain comes from and I believe we can act to prevent creating more. For me a large part has been to understand where anger leads me, not that I feel I 'shouldn't' be angry or that anger is bad. I know the destination I arrive at if I stay in anger too long and that isn't where I want to be - I think it's where lots of the pain we see is made.

On the other hand I can see the results of kindness, valuing human beings, offering friendship, giving love, even giving 'family' love to those who aren't related to us. I've seen even the most abused children affected by love, friendship, even a smile - both remain real.

I love being an adult, it's like someone handed me the pen to write my script, I value that so much - this is my life, inside my heart nad mind I can chosse which path to take.
Anyway, this belief that I could not be happy, else G-d would punish me, has stayed with me to this day.
I believe that real lasting happiness comes from understanding what causes suffering and what gives peace, behaving in a way that offers friendship and kindness I think makes for happiness, behaving in a way that creates suffering I believe destroys happiness. I have never seen a religion that suggests any person be punished for attempts to bring about peace and happiness.

I'm laying a bet that the love you offer your grandson lights up your life?
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