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There are two kinds of slaves, the prisoners of addiction, and the prisoners of envy.
--Ivan Ilich

No emotion brings us more personal pain or wastes more of our time than envy. When we envy, we are never free from stress, because envy takes no holidays. Shakespeare called envy the green sickness. Envy magnifies molehills into mountains.

Just how foolish envy truly is becomes clear when we think of it as a row of hooks on which to hang grudges. When we envy others, especially our family members, we blind ourselves to the good we could see in all people. We are ignoring life's flowers to gather bouquets of weeds.

When we envy the accomplishments or possessions of another, we will be better off if we look to our own prized possessions, to those things in ourselves that no one else has in exactly the same way.

What riches do I have within and around me?

Today's Gift
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What riches do I have within and around me?
Good gift...from "Today's Gift"
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I can relate to this post. Thankfully I am much better now. I would rather save money than try and keep up with the Jones.
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