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Exclamation Important-Please Read

As a drug addict in recovery I understand the desire to feel better right away or to take the easier way out. I have modeled my entire life around it as a matter of fact. However, if there is one thing I have learned it is that there is no easy solution to detoxing from drugs.

If you have decided to quit doing drugs, first congratulations, and second, please be aware that it is very dangerous to detox yourself or wean yourself off drugs. It should only be done under a doctors care. Going off certain drugs too quick for example, can cause convulsions, seizures, and even death.

Detoxing off drugs using other drugs (besides those that a doctor has given you for this purpose) is also very dangerous and can be self defeating as well. Most times an addiction to the new drug is formed and the cycle never ends.

Any advice given here by other members, even if they have gone through it before, should not substitute that of a doctor.
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This is our medical advice rule.

10. Medical Advice: No Posts giving medical advice, medication advice, or psychiatric advice. Do not use the forum to give or ask for professional medical or psychiatric advice. If you are a medical professional, please remember the forums and chat are for peer support only and not to be used for distributing professional medical advice and/or using the forum to represent your professional services. Medical and Psychiatric advice includes giving a diagnosis, treatment plan, medication advice and dosage suggestions, over the counter and natural home remedies that should be approved by medical professionals. Detox can be dangerous and life threatening at times. Please consult with your physician.
Its our attempt to ensure that people get their medical advice from professional, qualified, and appropriate channels.

We're a peer support group here at SR...we encourage you to share your experience - experience is our currency - but please - be mindful that that experience should never seek to replace advice, diagnosis or treatment by a medical professional.

No-one here can know someone's else's medical history, current medications, or physical condition.

Please play it safe - neither ask for nor give medical advice that should be coming from a Doctor or other qualified medical professional.

We will remove posts at our discretion that contain medical advice contrary to rule 10 above.


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