He sneaky text me from rehab 😫

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He sneaky text me from rehab 😫

So my best friend is in rehab and his Mom text me yesterday letting me know he was doing good and really taking things seriously etc. This morning I get a text from him. First thing he says is he's being bad because cells are banned but he knew I'd want to hear from him. I told him that he should just work the program and not focus on me at all but he continued to send me texts for 2 hrs. He's got the hots for someone in there and all he talked about was how much he wanted to hook up etc. I told him again to not focus on this guy but rather his recovery. He's also in there to have his bipolar controlled and he was abusing those meds as well. Am I wrong for being frustrated that he doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with sneaking to text me? I don't smell success if this continues. He's only been in for 6 days. 😫
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No, you are not wrong. It's obvious he isn't taking rehab seriously, so it's basically a waste of everyone's time and will do him no good. He's abusing his meds? He's looking to hook up? Unfortunately, that is fairly common in rehab but again, it shows he isn't serious about sobriety. You can do what you want, but if it were me, I'd tell him I won't accept any more calls from him while he is there, and then I'd block his number.
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Yeah, his Mom thinks he was just addicted to cocaine but I know he was taking Adderall, Xanax (all prescribed for his bipolar) but he was taking them all within a week instead of a month or whatever and then lie to his Dr and say he was going on a trip to get more. I'm glad I'm not overreacting at being mad he's being sneaky again even if it is to just talk.
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