Marijuana Withdrawal Length HELP

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Marijuana Withdrawal Length HELP

Hey everybody, I'm new here. I''m a 20 year old male who has just recently quit smoking pot (high to very high quality weed). My previous habit extends back to being 15 years old, but I didn't start smoking hardcore habitually (all day everyday, before bed too) till around 17. I've been sober for 3 days currently, and prior to my sobriety i abruptly cut down to 4 hits a day for 2 days. However, I'm finding my withdrawals, the anxiety in particular, are really getting to me. I'm not going to go back, i've already flushed my stash, but I'd like to know how long this anxiety, and insomnia for that matter, will continue to plague my life? If it helps, I'm about 130 lbs, 6ft, with very little body fat. Is there a specific "peak" period of withdrawal? And also, are there any ways to treat this? I have access to lorazepam but i'd rather not use it, as i've got an addictive personality and taking benzo's as a supplement kinda scares me.
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lorazapam ..? Have you been taking them also?
were they given to you by your doctor?
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no, i havent' been taking them at all. I'm not prescribed or anything. Technically it wouldn't be legal to obtain these, so thats also another reason for not wanting to go down that road.
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I don't know too much about pot, my use of it was sporadic. I was afraid of being arrested because it was illegal when I was young. If you look where I live now, it's kind of ironic.

Anyway, I would ride it out. It isn't fun, but it won't kill you.
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Hi Gambit
Welcome to SR

I smoked, daily, for 20 years.

It was a little rough for a couple of weeks when I quit - mostly I was irritable and yeah a little anxious - but I got through it - no other drugs required.

I wouldn't throw any drugs on top of it - especially unprescribed ones.

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I smoked my fair share of weed but I never really went through w/d's. I've hear that heavy long-term users can have mental w/d's though. I would do my best to keep busy and your mind occupied. I would imagine idleness and boredom will only hurt things and increase the anxiety. it'll pass soon enough.

and do NOT go the pill route...those w/d's will cause you a lot more pain than weed..
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It took me about 6 months to feel I had truly gotten over my 10 years of abusing pot. You are seeing the worst now, but like others have said, the mental part, the obsession with getting high might take longer.

I would also suggest you avoid any "friends" that get high, or situations that stir up thoughts of using. And don't make my mistake of jumping into a bottle as a replacement.

Good luck.
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i'd stay away from benzos. Get wired of those things and you'll know first hand what bad withdrawal is

mine was much like Dee's
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Substituting one for another is not the answer. Detoxing from cannabinoids you can expect unusually vivid dreaming that could even be disturbing. Your body will adjust. Withdraw symptoms will hurt you much less than to continue to use. Without much body fat you will detox more quickly than with more body fat. Recovery from addiction is easier with a structured plan that includes support. Do you have a plan?

Meanwhile eat right, exercise, and take some vitamins. It took me between 30 and 60 days to get clean from pot...but Im female and carry more fat cells than you do. Detoxing was only the beginning to my recovery, I got help...I couldn't stay clean without other recovering addicts to show me the way. We do recover. I have lost the desire to use with the help of NA.

As far as prescriptions go...all of my doctors, dentist and who ever matters knows I'm an addict in recovery. That's the only way they can truly help me.

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Thanks guys, I dont plan on using anything else to mask my withdrawals, with the exception of OTC sleeping pills at least for a bit to ease the insomnia. Thanks for the heads-up on the nasty withdrawals. I was semi-aware of this but I didn't think it was as severe as you all say. And yes, I do have a plan. I've entrusted my roommate with all my pipes, so I don't even get reminded, though it is still a bit difficult because 2/3 of my other roommates smoke, and I just go take a shower everytime I get an urge. Thanks for the support
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Also, I noticed a few of you posted how long the withdrawals lasted, but from my research i've noted that different symptoms seem to fade faster than others. Does anybody have a good timetable or something for when the insomnia goes away? I can tough out the anxiety but I'm a college student with a large workload and I sincerely need my sleep. I've attempted to take melatonin supplements, benadryl, valerian root, and chamomile, and these haven't really aided much in the process of sleep. I've essentially been up for a good 2 days
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I think there are too many individual factors to be considered for any general timetable, Gambit.

I myself didn't have any insomnia at all.

There are some helpful hints in this link:
Insomnia? 42 Simple Tips to Help You Get to Sleep - Insomnia treatment, cures

If you find the insomnia persists or you feel concerned about it, please see a Dr.

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I went from ten years of pot smoking daily to ten years of beer drinking daily (please don't fall into that trap. :o ), so trying to remember giving up the pot is hard for me, but it does take time to get the remnants out of your body.
I had reached a point to where I thought I'd try a few tokes off a joint a few years back, it felt horrible, nothing like I use to feel back in my twenties. I didn't get high, I got extremely LOW, started to deeply analyze my "worthless" life and started wanting to kill myself, luckily there was someone I knew who talked me down from that. Either the weed nowadays is incredibly strong or I have reached the absolute end with marijuana (and now alcohol).
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Thanks for that list. I actually managed to scrounge 2 hours last night.
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Hi Gambit, I can relate to your situation. I smoked pot basically all day every day through college, and quit in my last semester.

My roommate was a dealer, so I always had a connection. Also most of my "friends" smoked, as well as my then-girlfriend.

I suggest you destroy your pipes rather than "entrust them to your roommate". It may seem like a waste of perfectly good pipes, but it's worth it. Trust me. It is a huge step forward in breaking the mental addiction. Also, why even risk having them in the house? My apartment got raided about a month after I quit smoking. Thank God I had thrown out my pipes.

I would spend as little time in your apartment as possible, particularly since your roommates are smokers. I especially recommend going to the gym. If you're in college, chances are your tuition has paid for your access to a sweet rec center. Take advantage of it. This is also an awesome way to deal with the anxiety from your withdrawal. Exercise is pretty much the greatest habit to pick up in the world, and there has never been a better time for you to pick it up.
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I can't tell you how many times I flushed drugs down the toilet, only that there are some very dopey rats in the sewers. Throwing drugs away is such a beautiful, symbolic act. It takes many feelings to bring you there; courage, disgust, remorse...

But the "flush" if I may offer my experience, is the easy part. Living clean afterwards is the hard part. Glad you found these boards, continue to find others in recovery... that makes all the difference.
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