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Personal Short-Term Suboxone Taper Experience

I used Suboxone to overcome my opiate addiction to opiates and would like to share my taper experience. First off, it was short-term and not prescribed or monitored by a doctor. From what I understand the DEA had limited the amount of doctors able to prescribe it, and as a result its mostly a street drug because many addicts are able to live productive lives with it (I say with it for a reason, not with and then without it), many however tend to stay on it. I don't disagree with that method of functioning.

Anyways enough mumbo jumbo, on to how I did my taper.

I followed a spreadsheet I created to manage my suboxone taper and over the course of 18 days I was able to reduce dosage, and stop. However the following withdrawals were bad enough that I acquired more suboxone and tapered for another 4 days. The decision was good, but I think the fact that I got three days off suboxone, then back on to it for only four days, might have helped in a painful/unsuspected way

Here are some highlights from my experience:

1. I tried to push my discomfort threshold, and by doing so was able to follow what I thought was a pretty lenient schedule. I still felt discomfort, but as I read online and felt myself, it was much less than 'full agonist' opiates such as heroin, vicodin, etc.

2. I actually didn't get high using suboxone, which was interesting, yet I felt as satisfied as when I would feel the 'euphoria'. (It is a semi truth, I tried plugging it, if you don't know what that is, don't ask because I won't explain, it wasn't fun. It got me a little euphoria but nothing compared to taking only 25mg of vicodin, it didn't hurt it just was uncomfortable)

3. It seemed to work

I'm about 5-6 days off it and the withdrawals have peaked. I expect them to last awhile since it is buprenorphine.

- 3
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3fourths. Your post was a litle mumbo jumbo to me. Are you OK? Semi truth, tried plugging it.Is it 5 days or 6 days.? It takes some doing, so how are you doing? Best to you.
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I'm fine for the most part, and I realize it now it might be a little confusing. I do have some chills and I don't know how to describe my mental state other than I am 'deep in the fog'. I just feel blurry and unfocused, which I expected given I am detoxing. When I am a little more clear-headed I will make this more comprehensible to a wider audience.
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when i managed a two week taper off of suboxone 5 years back the withdrawals lingered for about 2 weeks and i started feeling better by day 15... but i did a LOT of exercising and eating during that 2 weeks... Force Fed and Exercised. like boot camp. lol. hope things go well for u!
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