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Never realized there were step subjects here

This is absolutely cool man, I dont know why I never saw these before. I think I have a different setting on now. That is why. Anyway, I can assume since its a step study everyone has dived head-first into the 12 steps. Maybe I shouldnt ASSUME. And I just realized my keyboard is going wonky.

So rather then waste a post, I will give some thoughts on how it was for me as a newcomer. So i believe when I first came in, I was dangling my feet in the shallow end of the pool to get a feel for the temprature. I could relate to some stories, but at that time I couldnt relate to most people. I was shy. Over time, as thing progressively got worse I ended up actually getting into the water and over even more time started to go to the deep end of the pool. I like this analogy. I had to listen to the simularities in stories and not the differences. I had to weed out the BS and get the straight facts. There is a lot of BS in the rooms, but once you know the facts and information, the white noise fuzz becomes clearer. I do not want to end on a downer note, but I do have to leave, I have an AA meeting to attend. I guess I will end on this, there is a lot of joy and fun in the fellowship of AA. But there is a ton of work in the program of AA. The two are joined, I cant have one without the other. The fellowship keeps me aware that I am apart of the fellowship and not seperate from. I am not alone in my disease, there are other people out there the same as me. And with the filter I have on, I am reminded of a great sentence or paragraph in the BB, stating that we are like passengers on a great freightliner ship, when it hits an iceburg and the ship start sinking, we all jump into the water and we are helped to safety by the life-rafts and the people in them. Passengers from 1st class to steerage, inter-mingling, one-in-the-same.
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