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I am a person here who is sober. 5.5 years........

I am attempting to pull my thoughts together around what I think about recovery and what I need.......

I found trauma therapy to helpful in my recovery as well as yoga. Being able to inhabit my body and learn how to feel and working through some drama from the past that was soooo hard to deal with has really helped.

I find Smart tools to be helpful but somewhat sterile and it took me a long time to really learn. so much AMAZING information but almost seems like hard to start. I just got three books from Albert Ellis from the library.....

I have attended Lifering chat meetings and like them and

I like what I read online about the AVRT recovery meetings

"Recovery groups are anti-family, and strive to become your new, surrogate family based upon the beliefs and values of addicted people, which are the opposite of your original family values. Your drinking/using problem will be transformed into chronic, lifetime addiction in one meeting, and you’ll take on a new addict-identity, drop your last name except for an initial, and take on a new last name, “Imanalcoholic,” for example, “Hi, I'm (so-and-swo) Imanalcoholic.” You’ll learn to shift the blame for your addiction onto your family with quack disease theories, codependency nonsense, enablers, bad genes, rotten childhoods, etc. "

anyways. I am looking for a job right now so I have some time to kill in forums.

Hello everyone.
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Hi twinkletoes, and welcome! You'll find lots of good info and a great variety of perspectives on SR.

I think AVRT may have had meetings many years back, but not any more. The founder discontinued them as not necessary or helpful (to those using his approach). This sub-forum functions as sort of a virtual study-hall -- there are some very good threads that go in depth into peoples' experience with AVRT.

Read around and post your thoughts -- it's good to have you here!
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Welcome twinkletoesnyc,

I know you're new so I just wanted to let you know that we have a rule in this forum that makes 12 step discussions off topic even if you don't name them.

We try to keep it positive.
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Welcome Twinkletoes!

This is a fantastic positive sub-forum which deals with Smart, Lifering, AVRT, Refuge Recovery etc., everything that's available for non-secular recovery, although obviously, the various methods are also effective for people who are religious or spiritually minded.

We discuss absolutely anything here, apart from one subject, as detailed by Morning Glory, and that rule works very well and prevents disharmony or discord.

As a consequence of this sub-forum, I achieved recovery through AVRT (after over 20 years of daily drinking) and others have succeeded by applying SMART etc.

I'm so glad this sub-forum exists because it's populated by people who are generous with their time and experience; as Tursiops says, "it functions as a sort of virtual study-hall". It would be great if you shared your experience too!
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