been spinning

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been spinning

5 months tomorrow with a slip back in March. Been thinking about my low frustration tolerance (SMART). Seems I've been generally disappointed in life since my teenaged years, I'm 62 now. Hard to teach old dogs new tricks, but I'm trying.
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You can do it! You're never too old to change your life for the better.
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Celandra, nice work on the 5 months!! That is awesome.

Don't worry too much about the age thing. I'm not quite as old as you (i'm 55), but I see that half the people running for Pres that are 70 or older!

We've still got a lot to offer and lot we can do!
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Nice job on five months celandra! I believe change is possible as long as we're still breathing! You've totally got this!!
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congratulations on 5 months celandra, it's good to see you here.

it's never too old for growth. I'm 53.

I find gratitude lists are my best tool for disappointment, or occasional feelings that life hasn't turned out like I wanted. I write daily the little things (and some big things) that I'm grateful for, and it really changes my perception of my life.
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