Doing the AVRT crash course - this is so me!

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Doing the AVRT crash course - this is so me!

I know loads of you have read this but it's just made so much dam sense to me - its so true for my thinking. I was really struggling with the one day at a time concept - it was too heavy - it was becoming a fight every day to stay sober. It's a relief to take that away. Just really thinking out loud here lol

Your Beast is grateful
for the recovery group movement.

If you don't go to meetings
and get a sponsor
and do moral inventories
and share
and make amends
and turn your entire life over
to the endless process of recovery
and keep coming back, you will drink!

"WHOOPIE!" says the Beast.
If you are powerless,
then it can be your higher power


for the rest of your life.

It likes the disease idea, in which
having a drink is called
"having a relapse."

It likes to have a place
to mingle with other Beasts.
It feels safe where right and wrong
are replaced by addictive disease, and where
commitment to permanent abstinence
is a symptom of that same disease.

It notices that few who attend meetings
stay sober for very long,
and gladly accepts that relapse
is a normal part of recovery.
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Honestly? AVRT is awesome. The only person responsible is you. It's quite an eye opener reading back on my own posts to read what my AV was saying, and I'm slightly addicted to catching other people's AV in their posts now. I've been reading my Rational Recovery book tonight and I'd be happy to pass it on once I'm done.
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Please remember - everyone here at SR has to abide by the same rules. That includes respect for other recovery methods.

It's especially important in this forum where there's a specific rule against 12 step discussion.

Originally Posted by Morning Glory View Post

Alternatives to 12 Step Recovery
Recovery from Substance Abuse and Support for Friends and Family of Substance Abusers
LifeRing-Smart-SOS, CBT, AVRT, Problem Solving, Self Management, Self-Empowerment, Rational Thinking, Positive Lifestyle Changes, Self Assessment, Commitment and Follow-Through, Self-Acceptance, Motives and Goals, Peer Support.

12 Step Programs are off topic for this forum and posts discussing 12 Step Programs will be removed. Please use the Secular 12 Step Forum for positive topics on Secular 12 Step Recovery.
It took me years to successfully open and maintain a secular forum and even longer to allow civil discussions on RR. The debates were so bad at one point I had to close down the forum. The rules are in place to protect your forum. Mocking other programs is not permitted and 12 step topics are not permitted.
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