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Interesting Article

Replacing addiction with a healthy obsession -
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It does make sense to replace one addiction with another 'addiction'. Some certainly do it with religion. Exercise makes sense, maybe volunteer activities. I know much of my social life centered around alcohol so there is a need for me to find other activities that I enjoy where alcohol isn't involved.
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very true,, ive replaced my al addiction,, with a healthy lifestyle,,, getting obbsessed with smoothies!!! but thats a good thang,,, and if my av hates smoothies,,, then " it" can sod off and do one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
lv cleo xxxxxxxx day 21 for me ,,, still no cravings,,, but no real hard tests as yet,, 3 social occasions gone thru ,,, ( actually everyone was envious of my gorgeous smoothies) and xmas to come,, my first in 25 yrs being sober/straight,,, but i say bring it on,,,, im gonna do this ,,,, i do not drink,, and i will never break my promise xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Thats a great article thanks, im going to see if i can download on my nook.
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Exercise makes complete sense considering it's an effective way to produce/release endorphins. I hate to admit it, but it really does work.

Cleo, I love the phrase "sod off" haha I like to throw around British phrases even though I'm not...I also like using these: "xx" very British
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Exercise played a critical role in my early recovery. Honestly, in many ways it saved my life and health as much as anything else I did.

But it is a double-edged sword....I have to admit that I did take it too far, and became dependent on it for a time. Was this as bad as being addicted to alcohol? No, but it took some work later on for me to release my need to work out 2-3 hours a day! On the good side, though, working past the exercise thing did help me learn balance.
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