Tips for today please

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Tips for today please

I have a hen party tonight and I have told them I'm driving, it is only my husband who is aware of my problem with alcohol and this will be my first social occasion since I quit drinking.

I'm after some advice on coping tonight. I really don't want to sit here today reading more and more and risk puting myself in a depressive state like yesterday.

I will check in again before I go out, so really any quick pointers I can take with me would really be appreciated.

Thank You x
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Hi Dorris
The only advice I can give you is to sit back, watch everyone make a complete idiot of themselves and thank god it isn't you! You'll be fine You could try phoning your friends early the next morning asking them how rubbish they are feeling haha! On a friday or saturday night when people are out "enjoying themselves" I watch a couple of hours of good tv... that's about the time when the euphoria of alcohol is going on outside... it's all down-hill from there
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Urge Surfing Article.

Embedded in the article is this audio link to a guided lesson in mindfulness.

I can't recommend this more highly, Dorris.
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Well, you've already hit upon a great secret: blame the dui laws! Drive, or be the DD if you're going out.

Other pointers:

1. Enjoy the party and the company. Try to remember that there are things in life beyond drinking. Have fun! Eat! It's ok to relax; it's simply not ok to drink.

2. Use the "I'm driving" excuse as needed. This is not the time (if there ever IS a time) to announce that you've quit drinking.

3. If things get too out of hand and you feel uncomfortable, just leave. Honestly, get out the door. You've just quit drinking, and it's ok to be self protective right now!!

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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