A sobering message about free will.

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A sobering message about free will.

From the article that is the title of this post.

But mounting evidence is making one thing clear: The belief in free will—or the disbelief—is itself a powerful cognitive force...

Full Article Here
Volition is an interesting subject on its own. Combine it with alcoholism and the subject may influence the outcome of ones efforts to recover. Dose what I believe about my actions effect the chances of them becoming true? I think so, what I believe of my recovering capabilities can be made manifest in my actions. Conversely, what I fear are my short comings can also materialize in my recovering abilities.

Life is chock full of hard choices, drinking or not is one of them. I understand once I decide to pick up the first drug/drink and get it on with it, choosing to stop mid coarse of my buzz will not happen. What happens after the party time is over is another story. Yes the compulsion, the need, the want to start the party all over again is hella strong, but not so strong that there is no opportunity for a change in direction towards recovery. That I see as an for opportunity for a choice. If I can not choose to redirect or influence my ability to stop the drug partying, then I will drug and only stop at death. I can not afford to believe I have no choice regarding what actions I can take...that way behaving is death for me.

Anyhoo, just some thoughts prompted by the article I read.
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I agree Zencat. I will never drink again, it is my choice and thank God for that because yes death is what the other option gives me. I wasted decades now it's time to live.
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Thanks for posting this article. Very interesting!
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Welcome to the forums of mtnangel
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Welcome to Secular Connections here at SR, mtnangel.
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