7 months today....

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7 months today....

:ghug2Well i certainly didnt think I would make it this far, but glad that I have! Thanks for all the support guys... :ghug2
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Congrats, viv!
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Viv you were just in chat and didn't tell us

Don't be modest shout it from the rooftops, be proud of your achievement
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Good Going!
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7 months is a huge achievement :day6 way to go!
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On the path to self discovery
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Congrats on your 7 months!
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Congratulations on your 7 months!!

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Hi Im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

As many from my SR family members
have acknowledged my 19 yrs sobriety
birthday I in turn share my congrats
to u as well on ur special day.

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Good for you Viv!
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fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go viv,,,
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That's really eggsellent !! You win the Purple Bowlin Jaysus !!

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Never settle.
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Well done, Madam.
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Congratulations Vivid. You are doing fantabulous.
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you rock.. keep it going!
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Thanks again everyone!! :ghug3
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Congrats, Viv! Go, go, go!

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Congrats on seven months and one day of sobriety, Vivid. I am very proud of you.
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I'm very happy for you !! You should be proud !

I almost didn't recognize you, when did you change your name?

Bigs hugs and congratulations !
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