Advantages of my Secular Recovery

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Advantages of my Secular Recovery

  • With online meetings, it is much easier to find a meeting when I want work, in class.
  • I can pull out my workbook anytime, any place and work on recovery...while everyone thinks I'm working on my school work.
  • When I feel myself slipping into negative thought I post a thread and soon get some good opinions on how to avoid that crazy thinking
  • The ideas work on all parts of my life outside of recovery (stressful a CBA)

Anyone else want to share a few quick positives of their recovery?
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These things are pluses for me, although certainly not exclusive to secular recovery.

* I went more the rational recovery one advantage for me is no meetings at all. This is actually a good thing for me since I am afflicted with social phobias. Sitting in meetings and classrooms really makes me hugely uncomfortable.

* I've gotten myself back. All of the true emotional range and depth, the joy for living- those things were lost to me while I was using.

* I feel that I am more available to family and friends- I've regained real relationships.

* My artistic inspiration has returned. Rather than sparking creativity, drinking squelched it.

* I revel in the joy of physical movement- I have renewed energy and love working out, hiking and other activities.

* A sense of pride in creating my own program...something that works well for me.

* I don't have to bow down to any entity.

Like Alera, I work on recovery all the time, whenever I want. A hike is my meeting, or reading a book of somebody's story. All of the above mentioned things contribute to my continued sobriety.
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I'm secular, but have done the steps and worked with a sponsor through AA. Here's one of my best positives:

Going to therapy costs a fortune. Working with a sponsor is free, and it was better for me than therapy!
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i've just started to recover again, but what i've always liked with the secular ones are the many choices and tools to be used and evaluated by the person
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