how to quit

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how to quit

I'm trying to quit vaping,but I make it 8 hours and I start feeling horrible. I feel like I might pass out, I will hurt all over. currently I'm under so much stress I'm raising a puppy who is very demanding. I have to quit because I'm doing it so much I'm making myself nick sick multiple times a day. man I hate it so much,I want to stop but then the pain comes and I can't take it. any tips to stop, I realize thiers no benefit to vaping and I don't even enjoy it any more. I'm definitely not doing nrt because I just want to quit and be done with it. also im currently over 100 days free from alcohol, and 12 days from cannibis. no cravings to touch ethier so I know I can quit I just haven't figured out how yet.
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Just don't buy it. If you keep yourself from buying it, you keep it out of your hands and you keep yourself from using it. I wish you success.
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Hi David,
For me, I used the patch. What the patch did for me was help the crazy nicotine fits and feeling awful and anxious. Eventually, you get off the patches (for me about 4 weeks). You will crave the patch for a little bit because you will come to recognize that it is the nicotine that you want, not the delivery system. For me, I always thought it was the smoke in a cigarette I wanted. When I used the patch I realized it wasn't the cigarette at all, it was all about the nicotine.

I have never vaped but I know that it is extremely high amounts of nicotine, so maybe try a nicotine replacement like the patch or gum? You can do cold turkey but it will be bad for about a week and it doesn't sound like you have that time with the puppy, etc. I'm a really big proponent of the patch because it really worked for me and I was extremely addicted to cigarettes.
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