my story

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heroin addict
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my story

hey everyone. my name is joy, and im 19 years old. i am a heroin addict.. or i guess i should say "recovering" heroin addict. i have been doing dope for 9 months straight... every day... with the exception of the two weeks i quit back in november when i went to detox... but... of course i relapsed and now have found myself in worse shape than ever. i've realized that i am completely out of control and i need help. i don't have the money to go to detox or rehab... so i feel stuck in this hole that i've buried myself in. i have no where to turn... so i'm writing this in hope that maybe someone out there can give me some advice. thanks for reading... hopefully i'll stick around for a while so i can get to know some of you.
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Hi Joy,welcome to SoberRecovery.Maybe you can try seeing if Social services can help with some threatment.The Salavation Army is another good one to check with also.Have you tried NA meetings yet? I never got into Heroin myself.but if you stick around a while,there are plenty of people here who have succcesfuly recovered from Heroin addiction.
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(((Joy))) Welcome aboard!
I pray that you do decide to stick around and get to know some members who have walked in your shoes. There is alot of support and understanding here.
Surrender had some good suggestions, hang in there and give the folks here an opportinity to get to know you and help you find some resources to help you out of your addiction.
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Here is a Salvation Army link you can start with
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