My first real stab at this...

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Lightbulb My first real stab at this...

Hello all,
I guess you could say I'm still a young man at 23. I've been an incessant pot head since I was 14 years old. I used to almost brag about the fact that I could keep my substance use relegated to marijuana - as if I was better than those abusing other substances that I perceived to be more harmful. Unfortunately, I was misled. Pot took my youth away and my drive to be great in some areas of life. I was a rising baseball star for a while there. That dream died a few years ago when I simply couldn't muster up the urge to continue to train. I of course fell behind athletically, and that, as they say, was that for my baseball career. I also got really into pornography and masturbation, so much so that a normal day would consist of several.. indulgences. I finally got to a point on June 2nd, 2020 when I had to put my foot down and stop letting the years slip through my fingers. I understand that I am still fairly young. I can still turn this life around and make something of myself. I have a marketing degree I earned in December that I've yet to put to use. I've stayed at my current job as a supermarket clerk out of fear of failure and general complacency. My real passion is guitar, though. I truly want to make a splash in the music industry.. that is my dream.

So in summary, I've quit marijuana and PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm). I am, however, open to sex if the right woman comes along, of course. My last relationship ended in February and I've been feeling a bit lonely as of late.

Anyway, thanks for listening. I want to continue leading a clean life for the rest of my life - to start deriving joy from the right things that will be sustainable and not inevitably lead to misery.
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Welcome to the family. You'll find lots of support here.
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Welcome aboard SoberMeAge23
I gave up pot after 30 years - you'll thank yourself every day for giving it up at 23.

Glad to have you aboard - Newcomers is a great forum full of support

but do check out the marijuana sub forum as well -

and the mens room forum - there's a guy or two there on the same path as you with the other stuff.

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Thank God you got the Marketing degree.....and you do have a better chance with some self esteem it would be really hard on you if pot unmotivated you to lose that as well...the baseball sounds very, very hard...its seems once you lost that motivation you spiraled....I am glad you want to get sound like a very smart person...these are all diseases of "progression"....I think you will be so much happier if you keep your foot down on this stuff....and live your life in a better way....
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